Angelhub Founders Dinner – Snappingly Good

2012 February 3
by Ismail Dhorat

Last night I attended the inaugural Angelhub founders dinner. Other than some amazing and inspiring stories from all of the founders there, i learnt quite quickly that including the word ‘snap’ seems to be very popular amongst South African entrepreneurs,  We previously wrote about snapplify , we also have snap-bill and snapt-ui.

I have to say the event was extremely useful, the entrepreneurs shared a whole lot of information they would not usually share in a large room with 50 people in it. Several times we heard :

“Don’t quote me on this”

I dont know if it was the small crowd, the intimate lighting but it worked.  Richard Dewing’s story was truly inspiring, how his first deal went horribly wrong, the ups and downs of his business.

Some interesting quotes from the night:

“I’m not telling dad his pension money is gone! We’re gonna do this!”

“Your customers may like your software for a completely different reason than you do.”

“Co-founders are not about having expertise, it’s about someone who’s with you when it gets dark!”

“Your projections are almost always wrong”

“It is up to us – the SA entrepreneurs – to turn things around in this country and catalyze growth”

Do your self a favour, and the next time this event comes around snap (see what i did there?) up a place as soon as you can. You will not regret it.

Some of the guys in attendance were:

I have tried to get everyone’s twitter handle, if i missed yours send me a tweet @ismail.

p.s I hear rumours of a new start-up called snap-tube, check back here for more.


* Shout out to slow in the city for hosting us and keeping the place open later then usual

* Pictures from Jaco Van Wyk & Brett Commaille



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