Snapplify – South African E-publishing iPad App

2012 January 30
by Ismail Dhorat

Snapplify, which bills itself as:

Snapplify is committed to offering a simple service to authors and publishers, giving them a full turnkey solution that transforms PDFs to Mobile Apps instantly. We take PDFs and convert these exact files into digital publications which are then placed in a company branded Mobile App which is free to download from the App Store. You can place multiple publications within a single App making it a perfect tool for magazines, newspapers and books.

It looks like a way for publishers/bloggers/magazine owners to quickly and easily launch e-publications. The App will be competing with existing frameworks such as Adobe Digital Editions.  The advantage of using Snapplify though, is the cost.

Unlike Adobe Digital Editions, it has zero up front costs. You can either choose a revenue share model for each paid download, or you pay about $ 20-30c per a download.

As expected, snapplify supports embedding several media types such as Audio, Video, Images, Google Maps. Grab the demo app and have a look, or take a look at the screenshots below. The app is already being used by a few publishers such as iMaverick which is part of daily maverick, and they have just announced signing of a deal at the Frankfurt Book Fair.



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