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2011 June 8
by Khalil Aleker

Do you think you need a lot of money first for your startup? You don’t. What you need is the right co-founder with the skills to get started. Everyone knows something, and nobody knows everything. Founder2be helps you find the co-founder you need to start up your business.

Marc Nager, CEO of Startup Weekend says, ” “I love the problem that Founder2be is solving. Startups are about the people, not just the ideas, and finding a co-founder and team is the single largest hurdle for people looking to launch something they are passionate about.

What is Founder2be?

Founder2be is a co-founder matching service. Founder2be helps people find co-founders with complementary skill sets because everyone knows something, but nobody knows everything. After all, most successful start-ups were started by teams of two or three, not solo entrepreneurs.

With the Founder2be Global Alliance Program, we connect prospective entrepreneurs with incubators and other alliance partners to help them succeed by getting the help they need locally whether it is mentoring, work space, pitch training, or access to funding.

What about the team?

Founder2be was co-founded by Oliver Bremer and Frank Haubenschild. Oliver has an M.Sc. in Computer Science and has worked for Nokia until 2007 and for Strands until the end of 2010. He then quit his job specifically to focus on Founder2be. Frank studied Computer Science as well, and has been working as a Software Developer mostly in the automotive industry. Founder2be is also being assisted by two more employees in its activities to achieve its goals.

After 10 years in corporate life, Oliver came up with a great idea to start his own business. He doesn’t remember what the idea was now because it was never started as he failed to find a co-founder. Thinking that he cannot be the only person who wants to do a startup and fails to find a co-founder, he decided to focus on the co-founder finding problem instead, and as a result Founder2be was born.

Why Founder2be? Can’t Entrepreneurs just go to local events to meet co-founders?

Absolutely, and we do want people to go to local events as well. We do not believe that meeting someone online and clicking on a button is all what people need to start a great start-up. There are many more things. Exploring your options and finding a great co-founder is the first step, and that can be done online very well.

Think of it as an online dating. does not replace bars. People do not get married by clicking ‘Yes, I do’. They go on a date and meet the other person in real life first – or at least we hope they do 😉 And that is very similar to finding a co-founder.

That is why we launched the Global Alliance Program, where we help co-founders meet each other and form startups within organizations that support startups in the real world. The Global Alliance Program has partners on four continents now and we are looking forward to extending the network to more countries and also within the countries where we already have partners.

Lastly, how has the response been thus far?

As of June 6, 2011, Founder2be has more than 15,000 users and two companies have emerged from co-founders who mate on Founder2be. One of them is, the other one is still in stealth. The Global Alliance Program comprises around 20 partners from four continents.
Our ultimate goal for the rest of 2011 is to see 10 startups get started by co-founders who met on Founder2be. In order to do so we are focused on growing the user base, connecting co-founders with each other, and building the Global Alliance Program further.

All the best to you guys.

For more information, Solomon Mengistu – Marketing & Business Development Coordinator of

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