Zoopy redesigns and adds HD

2010 February 2
by Ismail Dhorat

Zoopy, a social media and content sharing platform has just redesigned their site. This is the fourth iteration, and over time the site seems to be getting better and better. However, i wonder if the focus on content produced internally by Zoopy over user generated content is wise?

New Zoopy Features

HD Content

You can now upload, share and watch videos in brilliant high definition on Zoopy. Any videos uploaded at a resolution of 1280×720 or higher will be encoded into a special HD MP4 format, which can then be viewed either by clicking on the HD button inside the Zoopy video player or by visiting the Zoopy HD page at http://www.zoopy.com/browse/hd

Updated Audio & Video Players

The players have been given an overhaul, and now includes the feature of creating links to specific timestamps in your media.

Zoopy TV Everywhere

Zoopy TV now features more prominently across the site for quicker access to the ever-updating archive of videos, and all Zoopy TV shows are easier to find, more distinguishable from user uploads and will be growing each of their individual brands in their own dedicated pages they each own on our new site.

The jury is still out on this feature, what are your thoughts? To be a social media company should user generated content not be promoted just as much?


Zoopy have also released a new API, and the entire site is built using the API. Now thats awesome.  They have also launched a wiki for the API. There also seems to be plans to launch a few tutorials, what i would like to see is some links to any pre-existing zoopy libraries (Are there any? would anyone be interested in a python lib? )

You can read more about the redesign over at the Zoopy Blog.

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