Africa’s New Frontier: Innovation. Technology. Prosperity

2010 February 1
by Ismail Dhorat

The IDRC (International Development and Research Center) and the Canadian department of DFAIT (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade) will be a hosting a conference in Ottawa, Canada next week entitled Africa’s New Frontier: Innovation. Technology. Prosperity.

From the Release:

In the 21st century, Africa is emerging as a dynamic and innovative continent. This new Africa boasts a reservoir of young talent, a growing market for cutting- edge technologies, and a source of fresh ideas. New technologies allow entrepreneurs, educators, and health specialists to overcome the old barriers of distance and borders. Citizens and journalists are using innovative tools to hold their public officials accountable.  And new practices are resulting in growing agricultural exports and greater food security on the continent. Despite its well-publicized challenges, Africa is a continent of exciting possibilities.

This conference aims to enrich our conversation about Africa, highlighting good news stories from Africa, and drawing on lessons learned, projecting trends, and focusing on the many ways in which Canada–-Africa relations support innovation on the continent.

I will be live blogging the conference as well as chairing one of the sessions at the conference. If you want to find out whats happening, you can check here or follow me on twitter.  I have also embedded the scribblelive feed on this post.

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