myScoop – Bookmark & Aggregator Tool

2009 November 28
by Khalil Aleker

Yesterday I chatted to Nicholas Duncan about his new Startup. myScoop is a Blog Aggregation and Social Bookmarking tool which he launched just weeks ago.


Firstly Nick, Why myScoop? What is it about?

myScoop originally started out as a personal project to see if I could create something similar to Muti, but make the site easier to use while increasing the functionality and have the ability to check real time stats of every posted bookmark. I’m in SEO and I use a lot of social bookmarking sites and noticed that South Africa is lacking in this department. It was never meant to be a blog aggregation tool at all, but when I noticed the downfall of Amatomu I decided to give it a bash and out popped what we’re currently talking about!

But you knew about Muti and Afrigator? Why this project?
I like taking everything that I’ve learnt and putting it together to see what I can create. Yeah, Afrigator is a huge competitor, and I have tons of respect for what they have achieved, but that’s not going to stop me from testing the waters.
Cool, I like the attitude! How long did it take you from concept to launch?
It took roughly around 2 months to get to the current state. 1 month to create and play around with the social bookmarking concept and development, and another month transforming it into the current
blog aggregation tool.
What do you do in your spare time?
Relax with the family, adding functionality and/or debugging myScoop, and I have recently started writing articles for my personal blog,
Tell me more about yourself?
I am an extremely ambitious 25 year old that is passionate about web development and search engine optimization. I have a lovely fiance and 2 wonderful step kids aged 5 and 8 and a baby boy on the way very soon. I’m an SEO consultant by day and as you can see, a hopeful web entrepreneur by night.
As a young African Web Entrepreneur? What are the challenges you faced with?
There are a number of factors that hamper the snow-balling effect we all would like to see when it comes to our new startups, such as advertising, hosting and bandwidth costs. These all can limit potential growth but I feel that as a young web entrepreneur, staying positive and keeping the momentum while keeping your ear to the ground and listening to your users can ultimately lead to your success.
Awesome bro, all the best hey!
Thanks for the opportunity :)
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