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2009 June 9
by Ismail Dhorat

I am currently attending the SAFIPA conference, and i have found it incredibly useful. The sessions yesterday on ICT in education was interesting. The number of projects that are on going here in South Africa has me very excited, and my prediction is in 10-15 years time South Africa will be transformed into a knowledge economy.

A project that i found out about here is Fundman, which is supported by SEDA (Small Enterprise development agency).

fundmanWhat is Fundman?
There are tons of Grants, Venture Capital funds & Institutions that assist innovators with funding and assistance. One of the main issues however is getting a list of these funds and finding the one that meet your needs and is suitable for you. Fundman aims to fill that GAP. It is a database of All grants and VC funds available in South Africa. Both from the private and public sectors.

How does Fundman work?
Fundman has 3 Roles for users:

  • Fund Seeker: Entrepreneurs looking for funding
  • Fund Provider
  • Business enabler: Individuals or business that can assist with the funding process

Once you have registered, you can add details of your project including things like funding requirements and what stage you are at. For example if you are at Concept stage and need assistance in developing a Proof of concept or You have a Proof of concept but you need assistance with Commercialisation.


Once you submit your project details, you are presented with a result of funds that meet your requirements. You can then use the website to contact relevant people for those funds. I like that this site makes sense of all the funding options available out there.


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