eCV Mobile – Apply for a job via SMS

2009 June 5
by Ismail Dhorat

eCV mobile, is a project that has quietly been launched by eNamisa MDM (Pty) Ltd who specialize in online recruitment technologies. eCV lets you apply for jobs via SMS as well as receive alerts of jobs via SMS. The service has huge potential here in South Africa, and possibly across Africa.


How does it work?
Well, you simply register on the website giving your details such as email address,name, mobile number and in what industry and city you are looking for a job. Once you have registered and verified your account via SMS, you can then setup your profile and complete the details for your CV. You can save multiple versions of your CV and include a cover letter as well. Here is where it gets interesting, Once you have setup your CV to apply for a position via email, All you need to do is send an SMS in the following format: “ecv (email address to email the cv to) (your CV id)”

There are more advanced features and commands as well like inserting a title, reference number or cover page. In addition to sending you CV, you can also receive alerts for any job postings on the eCV website. Though they dont seem to be many job postings when i checked at the time of writing this post.

Why is this service important?
Let’s look at the numbers here, there are 4 million to 6 million internet users in South Africa which means a penetration rate of about 10%, while mobile is sitting at close to 100%. Often people may not have regular access to the internet or limited access via their mobiles. Which makes sending emails difficult especially on your lower end phones. These job seekers most likely have to go to an internet cafe just to send a single email to apply for a job. This becomes a time consuming and cumbersome process for anyone applying for many Jobs.

Some thoughts
I think the concept is great, however i believe it needs to be refined. The biggest obstacle is still needing to have access to a PC the first time round. It may be difficult to overcome this though. The second and more important issue, is the market the website is catering for. As an example: Right now you can select what industry you would like to work in (i.e Information Technology), you are then presented with options for you skill level which includes positions at Senior manager and Director level. I do not believe the service would be useful to someone at that level, since they most likely have access to the internet all the time via laptops and blackberry’s. The service could also be refined to cater for adhoc small informal jobs such as “I need a painter for 3 days” similar to what SMS jobs offers.

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