Some new web startups from Africa

2009 May 11

Quick update of a few launches of products that were covered by other blogs in Africa.

Afrigator Launches Gator Peeps

Gatorpeeps is a microblogging service from Afrigator, that features an API similar to twitters. There are plans to integrate it with SMS, this will be great as ever since twitter cancelled SMS features i find myself missing that feature. I would still love to have SMS notification for certain people i follow.  Read more about gatorpeeps


Status.UG is a completely mobile gateway for Ugandans to interact with their Facebook accounts. With around 60,000 Facebook users in the Kampala area, it seems absurd that no one locally has tried to engage the traffic with a local service. Especially since bandwidth in Uganda is currently so expensive and spotty.

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Answer Bird

Answerbird is simple. Just point your browser to You’ll be asked to use Facebook Connect to authenticate the use of your application with your profile. Once you’ve signed up you’ll be taken to a Twitter-like interface where you simply ask questions. Automatically your question is posted to your profile on (which sits on the Appfrica2 servers) but you’re given the option to also make the question your status update. This allows people who don’t use the service to offer their input via Facebook, while Answerbird users can answer using Facebook or in threaded conversations at

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Sembuse, A mobile social network in East Africa

Sembuse is a mobile social network. It’s a way for East Africans to connect with each other via short messaging, cheaper than normal SMS messages

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