Vodacom launches The Grid in Tanzania

2009 May 8
by Ismail Dhorat

Vodacom, the mobile operator from South Africa has been investing heavily in startups recently. They previously took a controlling stake in Zoopy and also launched The Grid, a mobile location based social network. Vincent Maher who heads up social media at Vodacom, has just announced on his blog that they have launched The Grid in Tanzania.

The grid service has not been extremely popular here in South Africa, I have not seen any numbers about users however, This is bound to change once Vodacom goes public. They are then liable to provide information to shareholders and interested parties upon request.

Why hasnt The Grid taken off like Mxit? Initially i think the site, and the application suffered from a horrible user experience and design. Since then, the look has been updated but the site still suffers from UX issues. Then there are challenges with the Java application and phone compatibility as well. Something that Mxit faced in the early days. What are your thoughts, do you think The grid will be a success in Tanzania?


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