The state of apps in Africa

2009 May 21

Wakoopa, the startup that lets you track your application usage and see what applications your friends are using has just recently released a report called the State of Apps.

Since we started with Wakoopa, we’ve acquired over 525 million hours of software usage data from 75,000 members. In total, 200,000 applications have been logged on our platform so far. Wakoopa users have also shared more than 3 million application recommendations to date.

This means that we have a great understanding of what applications are on the rise, and what audiences are using them. An example of this was the upcoming of the Google Chrome browser, or more recently new Twitter clients such as Tweetie.

This report seeks to highlight these important trends in the desktop software and web applications industry that are timely and relevant. Our goal is to provide new insights into how desktop and web applications have emerged and evolved over the first quarter of 2009, and what titles and phenomena are most important now.

I must say, i was impressed with their response time and customer service, i received the report in under 20 minutes. Of interest to me however is how Africa stacks up to the rest of the world.

Operating systems in Africa
The dominant operating system quite obviously is MS windows, however when you compare African stats to the world, it has the lowest percentage of Mac users, with Europe having the highest number of Mac users. No statistics are available yet for Linux since the linux client was only recently announced.

Browsers in Africa
Firefox is the most popular browser with around 50% on windows & mac, Chrome comes in 3rd on windows at 14%. Internet explorer usage in Africa is the highest amongst all continents, it does not even feature in the top 3 browsers used in Europe.

Instant Messaging Clients in Africa

The most popular IM applications on windows is Windows live messenger, while on MAC it’s Skype. Africa has the 2nd highest percentage of windows live messenger usage when compared to other continents. Another interesting stat is the 3rd most popular client in Asia is QQ, which is owned by the Naspers group (Yes the same folks who own Afrigator, Blueworld & MxIt).

Popular games in Africa
The top games in Africa for windows are Crysis, Grand Theft Auto and we still have some die hard fans playing starcraft. With the most popular games on Mac being Chopper, Enigmo 2 & World of goo. Two puzzle games for Mac users?! While every where else in the world, people seem to be playing world of Warcraft the game does not feature in Africa.

I found the report interesting, when comparing to how Africa stacks up to the rest of the world. Though make note, that this report is based on data for people who have the application installed and may not be a true reflection of actual figures. However i do believe it does give some kind of indication where things are headed. What are your thoughts? Think these figures are an accurate reflection of application usage across the African continent?


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