Net Prophet Conference: Summary of the day

2009 May 15
by Khalil Aleker

Over 400 delegates attended yesterday’s full house conference hall in Cape Town, Pinelands for Netprophet. The speakers shared valuable insights in the Internet/Mobile business world. You can also use find reports on twitter.

speakersThey shared not only their insights and predictions but their experience & beliefs.

“1 Billion Clicks per day on the Internet”
“Cape Town is Africa’s next Silicon Valley”

Arthur GoldStruck“I have never seen so many people at an Internet Conference before”

Salient Points:

  • A digital revolution levels playing fields
  • The Corporation regards ‘the digital guy’ as an Oddity
  • Instead of a Digital Mascot, become a Digital Watchdog!
  • Online Adspend/Media growth in SA is growing
  • The IN Thing:
  1. Mobile
  2. Blogs
  3. Video
  4. Social Networks
  5. Podcasts
  • The future of money lies in smartcards
  • In 2018 your phone will be your wallet

Peter Flynn “All software will ultimately be web-based”

Things we remember:

  • The Technology Adoption Lifecycle
  • 5 C’s the VC’s monitor:
  1. CMRR – Customer Monthly Recurring Revenue
  2. CAC – Customer Acquisition Cost
  3. CC – Customer Churn
  4. CLV – Customer Lifetime Value
  5. CG – Cash Generation
  • Freemium:
  1. Time Limit e.g. 30 days free trial
  2. Feature Limit
  3. Seat Limit
  4. Customer Type Limit
  • You don’t have to know how you going to monetize your startup – critical mass first – build the Community
  • Think Mandarin!

Herman Heunis“Just when you think life’s a BITCH, it has puppies”

Message from the Matie:

  • Mxit is looking for Software Developers and Entrepreneurs
  • If you cannot compete , create a new Category
  • Viral Training helped Mxit – not only Viral Marketing
  • Never be complacent, for users adapting & accepting a new technology is no big deal
  • User Satisfaction does not equal Brand Loyalty
  • Youth does not have time so do not make it too complex
  • No one knows…they just predict…and some are better than others

Henk Kleynhans“Only become a VC until the shit is kicked out of you”

  • Short and sweet & eye pleasing presentation
  • Guy Kawasaki’s VC Aptitude Test is a great Mind Opener

Dave Duarte“Industrial Economy vs. Attention Economy – prevalence vs. relevance!”

  • Can anyone help? Presentations will be available online next week. Great info shared by Dave, pity I missed it. Follow Dave via Twitter and ask him to leak his presentation?

Mike Stopforth“Code is a Commodity, Community is Priceless”

We will never forget:

  • Community gives Code value
  • Innovation is not about coming up with new ideas, it’s about executing it much better
  • Community participation is essential – make them believe that they co-own your product
  • Community is not an overnight success – it’s a 5 day cricket game
  • Consumers need to play by the rules even though they (Community) have the Power & Own the brand

Hannes van Rensburg“Being an Entrepreneur is not about making money; it’s about living your passion & dreams. It’s a about seeing something that no one else can see.”

  • There are more cellphone users than pc & radios combined.
  • 4 Billion Mobile Subscribers
  • Important ARPU – Average Revenue Per User
  • Africa & Middle East is the fastest growing cellphone market in the world
  • Credit Cards = Pull Payments… future is Pushing Payments via Mobile Banking

Andrew Smith“Importing is like sex, difficult for the first time, thereafter it becomes easier”


Charl Norman“Content = Traffic = Revenue”

Charl’s suggested tools/websites:

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