Finally, A Mxit Iphone App

2009 May 11
by Ismail Dhorat

Mxit ( the mobile instant messaging (MIM) startup from South Africa, has just released an iphone app (Itunes Link). This was a long time coming, as the iphone has been available in South Africa since last year.

Mxit was launched in 2003, and was one of the worlds first MIM clients, Mxit however works on a stripped down version of the Jabber protocol. This reduces the bandwidth, making it much cheaper for messaging. Due to the low costs, Mxit has been hugely popular amongst teenagers and youth and they now claim to have about 12 million users.

The MXit iPhone app was recently released and it’s already become the number one free app on the South African Iphone store.

The app, seems to be buggy right now. I tried several times to run it but it keeps crashing (Note: I have the original Iphone & not the 3G). According to the reviews on the App store some people have managed to get it to run but they are complaining about resource , user interface and crashing issues as well.

I finally managed to logon and get the APP working. If anyone else is having problems with this, try deleting the app from your phone, reinstalling and restarting your phone. Hopefully, the bugs will be resolved soon. Though, the login/registration procedure is strange. The app actually asks you to type in a CAPTCHA on a MOBILE APP. Yes, you heard me right. Who does that? And why? can someone please tell me?

Some Screen shots of the Mxit Iphone App

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