Globa a New mobile payment solution

2009 May 29
by Khalil Aleker

Globa is a new and simple way to send and receive money, buy or sell products and services, and stay connect via your mobile phone.

Johan Meyer, CTO, says: “Globa is an international money transferring and mobile payment platform developed to provide the unbanked community of Africa with a means of making payments, sending and receiving money without the need to get a bank account. Globa has been build on the Ipina platform thus providing us with the unique capability to enable our Ipina clients to integrate the power of Globa into their mobile applications. This will enable them to turn their mobile application into a fully functional mobile E-commerce application.”

how_globa_worksStartupAfrica interviewed Johan Meyer briefly:

  • When did u decide to work for startup company? Or co-found it?

My wife and I started 08Mobile a couple of years ago, 2006 to be exact. 08Mobile started as a hobby, both of us had interest in the mobile environment and both of us believed that the mobile environment will be the way to go. After a couple small projects a hobby turned into a fulltime job. In 2007 we partnered with an entrepreneur from Ghana, Kenny Andam. He provided us with the international exposure needed to expand 08Mobile into the international market. That’s when 08Mobile turned into Ipina. 2007 also saw the birth of Globa. Globa was founded by Kenny and myself as a platform to be used to provide the unbanked community of Africa with a means of making payments, sending and receiving money without the need to get a bank account.

  • What are the challenges u faced with in being an entrepreneur?

The biggest challenges I faced as an entrepreneur was to move from being a developer to being the developer, do marketing, find clients, basically be part of every sector of the business. Stepping out of your comfort zone into
a zone where you may not be as comfortable in is always a challenge. But this is what makes being an entrepreneur so much fun.

  • Lessons learned thus far?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned thus far is always make sure you have the support of your family when starting your own business. Things don’t always run smoothly and that’s when you need someone to keep you motivated. I have learned the hard way that nothing happens overnight and if you want something you have to be prepared to work long hours and put all you have into your work.

  • Long term goals?

Guess my long term business goals are to turn both of our companies into highly successful companies, not only in Africa but world wide. We are currently working at expanding our footprint in the USA and Africa and if all goes well we will be achieving this goal before the end of the year.

My goals out side of the office, learn how to play golf and spend more time with my family.

  • What do u do on weekends in your spare time?

I try to get away from the laptop and cell phone. But as a “work-a-holic” it tends to be easier said than done. If not working I usually spend time with my family. Living in Cape Town we are relatively lucky, we have loads to do
out side of the house.

  • Message for other entrepreneurs?

Keep positive. Never give up, even if it looks like your idea will never work out. If you believe enough in your idea and you love what you do it will work.


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