Akouaba – MicroBlogging startup from Congo

2009 May 6

logoAll the way from Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. We have a new microblogging service called Akouaba – where users post text (no characters limit !) notices about yourself, where you are, what you’re doing, or practically anything you want. You can also subscribe to the notices of your friends, or other people you’re interested in, and follow them on the Web or in an RSS feed. The service is new, and is still rough around the edges. It comes after the launch of Naija Pulse and Afrigator‘s launch of gatorpeeps.

StartupAfrica conducted a very short Interview with Verone MANKOU, Co-Founder of Akouaba: French being his langauge, we used Google Translate to help:

Verone - Co-Founder of Akouaba.com

Verone - Co-Founder of Akouaba.com

How many users do you expect in long term?

A) Today is our first day… so we dream about a 1000 users /week after 3 months

What’s the status at the moment?

A) We debugging at the moment we’ll finish maybe in 6 months time

Short – Term Goals?

A) Our short – term goal is to have an solid service, which users will like, which can work with without bugs – Bugless. If such a thing exists!

Long Term Goals?

A) Provide a fairly serious alternative to what is already exist (Twitter, Laconica etc.) and a Chinese Version after 6 – 12 months if successful.

Is this your Full time Job?

A) It’s not full time job because I’m not making profit… and you know how difficult it is in Africa… without money you can’t move forward but at least I use 80% of my free time on my own projects.

What is your message to other African Entrepreneurs?

A) Nothing is Impossible! I know Entrepreneurship in Africa is very hard but at least try. If I can, you can!

Well that’s all folks… give Verone & Michael some advice via email? Their email address is on their website. Cheers/Peace!

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