Being an African Entrepreneur

2009 April 17

I am passionate about business, startups and entrepreneurship. However stuck between my full-time job and starting my own business/startup. Leaving my full-time job to focus completely on the startup, sounds good, but how will I pay my bills and look after the wife & family. If I keep my full-time job, how will I live my dream in managing my own business?

Being an African Entrepreneur seems difficult. Firstly, I struggle to find the balance between being an employee and trying to be the employer. Secondly, Seed Funding. Where are the “Silicon Valleys”, Angel Investors and VC’s in South Africa or even Africa? The Umsobomvu Youth Fund in South Africa helps with a maximum of R20.000 (about US$2000), if you lucky. It’s a start, I hope.

I alone witness over 15 new Startups being launched everyday in the US. And that is just by visiting a couple of blogs & websites. What are we African Entrepreneurs really lacking? If it’s not financial backing or business advice, is it technical and managment skills or maybe the independance and confidence to go forward? Or are we just looking for excuses?

Face it! Entrepreneurship is in our blood, especially in Africa. We just have to find the means to get it out. Entrepreneurs are people who make a difference in this world. Who grabs the opportunity no matter what. And success? Wait! Maybe I should take Richard Branson’s advice:

“Success for me is whether you have created something you can really be proud of. Nobody should be remembered on how much money you have made in life, but what matter is, whether you have created something special – something that made a real difference in other people’s lives”

Live the African Dream – Entrepreneurship…

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