African Facebook Demographics – Part 1

2009 April 30
by Ismail Dhorat

Nick Gonzalez has created a very useful site called checkfacebook, to check Facebook demographics by country. Here are some of the statistics for Africa. This could be incredibly useful for entrepreneurs interested in placing ads targeting Facebook users from Africa as well as entrepreneurs in the social networking space.

Countries below 100,000 have been excluded.

Countries in Africa with the most Facebook users


Interestingly, even though Egypt has the largest internet penetration amongst African countries (according to internet world stats), South Africa which comes in at 4th for internet penetration has the highest number of facebook users in Africa.

Percentage of Internet users on Facebook by country

facebook-percentWhen you take a look at the number of internet users for the countries above, and compare that to the number of Facebook users a different picture emerges. Ghana comes up top with over 100% of internet users that also have a Facebook account. (Internet stats from With Nigeria having the lowest Facebook user count when compared to internet penetration.

Implications of the above: There is room for another social network to step in where Facebook has failed to get users. For example Nigeria would be perfect example, a low Facebook userbase but it has the second highest internet penetration on the African continent.

* Post has been updated, since the internet stats for Ghana was outdated
This is the first part of the series covering Facebook user demographics for African countries, we will cover each country in more detail in followup posts.

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