Vodacom bullish on Social media, takes a controlling stake in Zoopy

2009 February 13
by Ismail Dhorat

Last year we reported that Vodacom, One of of South Africa’s leading mobile operators had invested in South African social media company Zoopy. My Sources tell me that Vodacom has recently increased their investment in Zoopy, taking up a controlling stake of 75%. To date i have not seen any press release so consider this a scoop.


Vodacom, who seem to be heavily investing in innovation and new services were recently presented with the New Telecommunications service award of the year for The grid.

Zoopy recently revamped their website, Have since then upgraded some of their core technologies. Such as the media players and audio players.

New features of the video player


  • The control bar now blinds down out of sight when you move your mouse off the player.
  • You can now embed the player with blue, green or red trackbars.  To do this, simply add ‘pcolor=blue‘, ‘pcolor=green‘ or ‘pcolor=red‘ to flashvars in the video’s embed code.  As always, you can get video embed code on all video viewing pages on Zoopy.
  • When embedding a video, you can choose whether or not the video should start automatically, without the user pressing Play.  To start the video automatically, add ‘autoStart=1‘ to flashvars in the video’s embed code.
  • The video player can now be embedded at much smaller sizes (we’d recommend 200px wide as the minimum).  To change the size, edit the video’s embed code and replace width and height with the desired values.
  • Replaying videos is now much easier.  There is a replay button in the control bar during play and on the related videos screen when a video finishes.

New features of the audio player


  • A new, slimmed-down design
  • The player now contracts and expands when stopped or playing respectively.
  • Like our new video player, the colour of the trackbars can be controlled by adding ‘pcolor=red’, ‘pcolor=green’ or ‘pcolor=blue’ as an embed parameter
  • When embedding, you can now control whether or not the audio clip starts playing automatically by adding ‘autoStart=1′ as an embed parameter

The increase does show some confidence by vodacom in social media and Zoopy and it seems that Vodacom is willing to invest in innovation. Though since the initial investment of 40%, last year, I have yet to see any direct benefits to vodacom in terms of technology from the investment. Other then increased usage on 3G/Edge usage. I wonder though, how will Zoopy be integrated into vodacom’s mobile service offerings if at all?

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