Afrigator, Joins the Online publishers association

2009 February 5

Afrigator, have just announced membership of the OPA (Online publishers association) for South Africa and being ranked as having the 9th largest audience reach according to statistics provided by Nielsen Online.

Afrigator joined the OPA in December 2008 and according to stats for January 2009, Afrigator has achieved a 1,079% growth from December which puts the publisher to the 9th spot for total unique browsers to their websites.



From the graph’s it seems that Adgator which was recently launched is largely responsible for the jump in rankings. I wonder though, do these stats include the serving of ad’s on bloggers websites?

“Being ranked the ninth largest publisher in South Africa is a massive achievement for Afrigator. We joined the OPA because there was a growing need for us to provide detailed metrics and demographics to advertisers, but we didn’t anticipate we’d be ranked this high so soon.” said Justin Hartman, Managing Director of Afrigator Internet.

“Since the launch of Adgator we’ve been quoting big numbers to advertisers and media planners and now, for the first time, there are audited statistics that really validate how big blogging has become in South Africa. We always knew it was a large network, and now we have the numbers to back us up.” Hartman noted.

Afrigator Internet reached 628,878 unique browsers and served 2,360,689 page views during the month of January. Adgator served the bulk of that traffic and is currently ranked as the eighth largest Brand on the Nielsen Online report.

“Adgator served more than 2.5 million adverts last month and we believe it continues to be a highly lucrative opportunity for advertisers to engage a unique audience that can only be targeted via our network.

“We’ve already seen big brands such as The Times ( and IBM ( realise the potential of talking to bloggers and their readers and there have been some very positive results for them,” added Hartman.

Afrigator anticipates that the Adgator and Afrigator websites will continue to grow and expect to climb the OPA rankings even further in the coming months.

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