24.com blogs are now integrated with Afrigator

2009 February 25
by Ismail Dhorat

24.com, one of the largest blogging platforms in Africa have just announced an integration with Afrgiator. The integration will allow a 24.com blogger to sign up for afrigator with a single click. This will allow their blog posts to be indexed and be included in afrigator, They will also be able to recieve stats for their blogs. 24.com and be ranked amongst other 24.com bloggers as well as other african bloggers.

The integration also features a skinned version of Afrigator that fit’s in with the 24.com look.


This is a huge step in the right direction for 24.com, since their blogs is a notoriously closed system. Not allowing users access to monetization or the ability to use statistics etc. Would the next step for integration be a 1 click signup for Adgator?

“Adding the country’s largest blogging community to Afrigator, effectively puts 24.com bloggers out into the wider world and lets them discover fellow bloggers, make new friends and generally contribute toward the African zeitgeist,” say Justin Hartman, MD and co-founder of Afrigator. “Providing bloggers with statistics that were previously unavailable to them, the integration also gives individual users the chance to see how their blog resonates within the 24.com network of websites, as well as with audiences outside of South Africa.”

“By opening the window to the World Wide Web a little wider we are giving 24.com bloggers a new way to engage with other African and South African bloggers and nudging them into the mainstream of this vibrant new medium,” says Alistair Fairweather, Social Media Manager at 24.com.  “The blogosphere is all about open democracy, personal expression, discovery and debate. At 24.com we’ve come to recognise that a commitment to openness will help us to serve our users better and improve our Web 2.0 capabilities.”

Via Afrigator blog

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