Afrigator updates search function

2008 November 28
by Ismail Dhorat

Afrigator, Have updated their search functionality on the website, after the recent announcement of Adgator. The new search function is based on Sphinx search and cuts the query time from 4 seconds to 0.01 seconds.

In addition to the new search functionality when you vist the Afrigator homepage your last 2 search results will be displayed. The search results are also customized according to which country you are based. So accessing the results from South Africa would rank blog posts from South Africa higher.

I ran a test search for “StartupAfrica“, strangely this blog was not the first result, a blog post from this site came up 5th. There also seems to be a new change that was not mentioned in the blog post at Afrigator. When following a link from Afrigator, your blog is brought up in an Iframe, with an Afrigator bar at the top.

This could possibly mess with blog designs as well as confuse users, i am not really sold on this feature. From a user experience perspective does it actually add any value to the user? It’s a search button, a back button and some ranking information. You are able to remove the frame, for that particular session, but the next link you click and it’s back again.

What are your thoughts, does the frame add to the overall experience or just makes things worse?

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