Afrigator Launches Adgator, A blog AD network for Africa

2008 November 11
by Ismail Dhorat

AdGator Blog Ad networkAfrigator, the African blog aggregator that was recently acquired by MIH has launched an Ad network for African blogs. I received an invite this morning, the mail say’s i could earn +- R 267 on one of my blogs.

How does it work?

Right now, you have to register and complete an application which needs to be approved. Once it has been approved, you are given a tracking code which needs to be inserted into your blog and Adgator handles the rest. Adgator works on Cost per Impression/Thousand (CPM) rather then Cost per a Click (CPC), you get payed every time an ad is displayed regardless if it is clicked or not. CPM advertising becomes useful when it comes to branding campaigns rather then lead or sales generation.

AdGator promises a revenue split of 50/50 with bloggers that sign up for the ad network. Using some napkin mathematics, the average earning per impression seems to be 10c (ZAR) / +1c (USD) .

You can also choose to display Ad’s in the following ad units:

  • 468×60
  • 120×600
  • 120×120
  • and a Page peeler

Right now the service is only available in South Africa, but there are plans to roll out in Nigeria and Kenya,

How relevant are the ads?

From the email or the website, it’s not clear how the ad’s are targeted. Is it based on the content of the site? Or the content of the post? Keywords in the post? Or is it based on your selection of the category of the blog?

I have not tested out the service so how relevant the ads remains to be seen. However right now it seems to be based on how you classify you blog according to a set list of categories. The issue with this is, i could not classify this blog under any of the categories. The closest fit i could find for StartupAfrica were Telecommunications or Computer: Electronic, none of which actually describe this blog.

Will it work?

Considering the number of blogs registered with Afrigator and the clout of MIH/News24 behind them i am sure this service will be a success. News24 and MIH already have sales team in place that sell advertising space on their internet properties such as news24, this would be an additional channel.

Justin Hartman also writes that the consolidated Afrigator blog network is as powerful as the number 1 South African site:

The top 100 blogs in South Africa (as measured by Afrigator) account for more than 1.7 million unique users and serves over 5.6 million page views each month.

This makes the network as powerful in terms of audience reach to South Africa’s #1 local website, News24, which also serves around 1.7 million uniques each month ~ (Nielsen Netratings РQ2 June 2008).

Though, in the longer term, when you consider that proponents of social media saying the advantage of traditional advertising is shrinking and companies should be looking at viral marketing, social recommendations and conversations with customers. Will we see a decline in brand based advertising? Or will there always be a need? Put in another way, with the shrinking advantage of brands will companies actually see a return on brand based advertising?

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