Quick Hits for 04-10-2008

2008 October 4
by Ismail Dhorat

Tech elite use the internet to fight TB

Nachtwey’s photos portraying victims of the increasingly drug-resistant deadly disease and dire conditions in Africa and elsewhere are spreading on the internet with help from tech firms including YouTube and Akamai.”

Read more at M&G and TED

Social Media in Africa, Part 1

“Contrary to popular belief, Africa is not completely absent from the Internet. In fact, the continent at large is undergoing a connectivity revolution unlike anything it has ever seen. Mobile phones in particular are propagating at an incredible rate, with penetration ranging from 30% to 100%.”

Read more at Read Write Web

Appfrica launches Afridex, Crunchbase for Africa

“Afridex is an exercise in data portability, information sharing, data mining and aggregation. Right now it’s at version 0.1.1 so it’s very basic and too early to really call it a platform, but I thought I’d put it online as I continue to develop the engine while working out bugs and kinks as I go.”

Read more at Appfrica and visit Afridex

African Tech Events Calender

“I’ve finally gotten around to adding a simple calendar of African technology events that are upcoming focused around the continent and abroad.”

Read more at WhiteAfrican and view the calendar

Iphone resellers in South Africa charging higher prices

Most independent retailers are selling the Apple iPhone 3G, on average, at R1 000 higher than Vodacom’s recommended resale price, as they claim that otherwise they would not be making a decent profit.”

Read more at ITWeb

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