Revisting Buzzfuse with thoughts of an additional business model

2008 June 16
by Ismail Dhorat

BuzzfuseThe initial review of buzzfuse was by far the most negative i have done, and i hate to do that since the goal of this site is to actually promote local companies, however i feel what is much more important is being honest about your opinions. Do not get me wrong, i do think it is a great idea as long as there is quality content. Since then the guys from buzzfuse have sent a strong message to their community that they will not accept gaming of the system.

Buzzfuse have also added the ability to share content from just about any site by using a bookmarklet. Moving into the social bookmarking space and competing with Muti and (Review) in South Africa.

Recently i have been thinking about the best way to run a group blog while sharing the revenue equally and equitably between all the contributors based on the quality of their submissions. Google currently has flexible revenue sharing however this is catered specifically for Adsense ads and does not take into account additional value that good content brings to the site. For example, from incoming links, unique visitors, hits and building a community around the site. Another issue with running a group blog using this model of revenue sharing, contributors may start creating content with the purpose of targeting specific ads. We see something similar with blog posts that are created with SEO in mind first, rather then the actual content. The result of that is the post brings no additional value, while lowering the overall quality of the blog. The goal of a group blog should be to reward good contributors in proportion to the quality of their posts.

Buzzfuse though have an algorithm that measures interaction and thereby popularity on each post. If the algorithm is free from gaming, it could be used as a measure to split revenue for group bloggers. For example: Each posts popularity is measured and given a score, all posts for each contributor is then rolled up monthly into a score out 100. Each contributors score out of 100, could then function as as the proportion they recieve from that months revenue. Since buzzfuse already measures content popularity it would not require much developmenet and they could then charge a nominal monthly subscription fee for the service.

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