Global Entrepreneurship Week 2008, What are you doing?

2008 June 20

Global Entreprenuership week is a world wide event in which countries all around the world host events to promote entrepreneurship amongst the youth. During the week November 17, 2008 to 23rd a host of partners in each country will orgnise events and activities such as speeches, competitions and training aimed to inspire, connect, inform, mentor and engage the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The Global entrerenuership week is a combination of the entreprenuership week 2007 held in USA and Enterprise week from the UK which was started in 2004 by now prime minister Gordon Brown.

How can you get involved?

  1. Join the facebook groups created for the event: South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana
  2. Capture your ideas for activities on the facebook groups or forums
  3. Register as a partner on
  4. Request details from the hosts for activities planned in your country
  5. If you work for a large corporate contact your CSR (Corporate social responsibility) department and inform them of the event, they could hold competitions, talks or activities during the week.
  6. Contact a local school in your area and plan out an activity
  7. South Africans, Join the following group where we will be discussing organizing activities
  8. Spread the word

more information coming soon!

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