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2008 June 24

Blue Catalyst

Bluecatalyst is an initiative in Gauteng South Africa, part of the Blue IQ project. The website and project aims to:

  • Increase the number of sustainable start-up technology- and knowledge-intensive businesses in Gauteng and South Africa – smart entrepreneurs.
  • Assist in the transfer of technology from innovators to organisations who can commercially utilise the innovations.
  • Assist smart entrepreneurs who need help in overcoming obstacles to starting businesses and commercialising innovations.
  • Showcase successful smart entrepreneurs to expose their ideas and encourage others, and promote reward and recognition for their efforts.

You can capture your ideas and projects and other people that are interested in the project can elect to assist you with your project. They also aim to put you into contact with Venture capital firms and assist you with required funding. Having been a member since they launched in 2004, i have not heard of many success stories from this initiative. (Though, if i am wrong, please correct me in the comments below)


MyBeeLink is a newly launched website for African entrepreneurs and business people, it offers blogs, videos and groups. Features right now are pretty rudimentary since the site has just launched, however they will be adding new features in due time.


Nauna, is a new social networking site that caters for business networking as well. Current features include Talent Search, Forums, Groups and blogs.


AfroStartups is a community forum for discussing business issues and asking for advice.

P.S If you are on linkedIN/Facebook, feel free to join the Startups Africa LinkedIn Group or Facebook Group

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