Afrigator, raises the game for other social media aggregators

2008 June 4
by Ismail Dhorat

Afrigator, the social media aggregator for Africa has raised the game when it comes to web 2.0. They have added a feature that allows you to automatically import your blogroll as friends.

I have always rooted for the smaller players in the online space, as i believe thats where all the innovation happens. For huge dinosaur operations like the Yahoo’s, Google and Microsoft’s it takes a while before they respond or any changes are made, innovation becomes difficult due to the size of these companies. Smaller companies can innovate and release new features very quickly. Take Afrigator as an example, during the recent Xenephobia crisis in South Africa they launched the hot topic feature which aggregated all media that was tagged with Xenephobia. The feature also provides stats and a graphical view on the number of posts and presumably it could also be modified in the future to feature any other hot topic.

They have also launched a feature which allows you to import your blogroll and see which of your contacts/friends are already members of Afrigator. You can then choose to add those blogs to MyGator, which is a personalised view of all the blogs you are interested in.

The feature does require some modification of code on your blog but if you are running wordpress you can use the Auto XFN-ify plugin which will automatically make the changes for you. The Afrigator blog has a video tutorial explaining this feature.

* Note: i tested the plug-in on WP version 2.5.1 and i get an error. So you may have to modify the code manually or fix the plug-in

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