OpenCoffee Club, Networking for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Developers

2008 May 6

Opencoffee club is a meetup group that originated in UK for Entrepreneurs, Investors, Developers and Designers to get together and network. The idea is to put people with the ideas, skills and ideas together.

South Africa has a local chapter in Cape town that has been running for a year. The next event will be on the 8th of May. OpenCoffee is a great concept very similar to other concepts like First Tuesday or South Africa’s 27dinner.

Sadly Cape Town is the only African country listed on the OpenCoffee web site. I suggest anyone living in a major city in Africa start something like this. Great ideas are often born in discussion with other people where you bounce ideas off each others ideas and build on them. It’s no coincidence that companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple were started by a Team. Once you do, send me the details and ill promote it.

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