Buzzfuse, content marketing and promotion?

2008 May 30
by Ismail Dhorat

Buzzfuse, a South African based internet startup is a promotion engine for your content. The features are a mix between social bookmarking where popular content is promoted to the home page, an aggregator of media, social networking and they also throw in some reporting and stats.

The site allows a content creator (blogs, music, images etc.) to market their content. A basic account is free which allows you up to 50 fans. Your fans are automatically notified about new content and it is then promoted to the home page based on a secret algorithm. The rating is most likely based on the number of hits, comments,votes and click troughs from the buzzfuse site. In addition premium account holders get a chance to earn money from a pool of up to $5,000.

The site has a unique concept, but from a user perspective Social bookmarking sites seem more useful since they contain content from just about any site and every member acts as a filter on what quality is. Sites like Sturvs pretty much have content promotion down with the embedded video and audio. I realized that Sturvs was going down the content promotion route and hinted at that in the review.

With buzzfuse the top earner for the month has 2 posts related to Yuwie (a social networking website which pays you to network, a business model that you could never take seriously). The most popular posts in the last month are also Yuwie based posts. Now with the business model as it stands it seems to be attracting the ‘make money online by selling an ebook about online marketing which then tells you how to sell the same ebook to other people’ (pyramid scheme) crowd.

Having said that i did manage to find one interesting website, which is a self published comic strip. Only quality content will attract users and keep them coming back.

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